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I'm looking for a consensus on preferred pitching methods.

1)  Create a small starter and pitch while still active.
    -- OR --
2)  Create a large starter, let ferment out and pitch slurry only.

For lager yeast, there still is some yeast in suspension during the
lagering phase, therefore this yeast is lost if pitching just the

My next batch, a 1.060 lager, I plan to create a 2 gallon
starter(1.040) using two pitchable tubes.  Let it ferment out, chill
it to 32°F for a week, then brew.  Is there a better way to achieve a
faster start?

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Dirk Bridgedale


Dirk B.

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I prefer an active starter.

It allows less lag time and ferments cleaner.

I am not much of a lager brewer (yet) so I have no insight on it.

Palmer's book  "How To Brew" has a great section on yeast.
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