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I am planning on a Belgian Pale and then a Belgian Golden Strong from the cake (using WLP570) but will be using R/O water as a base.  Which water profile in Promash should I use or can someone post a preferred water profile to 'match'?  I've had good success using the water profiler for a stout and an IPA I recently brewed.  Thanks.


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Hey Rezzin, Chupa here (I also post on brewcommune).

Belgian H20 can vary region to region.  Some of the Trappist and farmhouse brewers use very soft water, others very minerally.

In that case I'd go more by what you want to emphasize in the beer.  For the BPA if you want to emphasize the hops a bit more like British pale ale you could go with a little harder water, but not too hard.  For the Strong ale I'd keep the water pretty soft, and just concentrate on getting the right pH.
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