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I just like saying blow off. No seriously. I'm brewing 5 gal of stout and the blow off (Hee Hee) has been significant. Should I bring the level back to all but about 2 in.? Or, should I leave it? Or, should I add the blow off liquid (Hee Hee), less the foam, back to the carboy?


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Just leave it...

- Jeff

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So I'm no pro but i have had a few instances of absolutley needing to make exactly 5 gallons of beer.  I had a similar thing happen where i lost about 2-3 quarts of fluid to blow off.  What i did, and again i'm not a pro so take this with a grain of salt, is when i went to add my carbonation sugar i boiled a bit extra than needed.  This raised the total volume back to 5 gallons and I believe I only slightly altered the end flavor of my beer.  So there ya go try that if you like.

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