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I see references to "first wort hops" in ProMash and have seen it done but failed to ask the right questions at the time. I understand that they go in while you're still sparging into the hot liquor tank and before it even comes to a boil.

Are first wort hops usually bittering hops or for aroma/flavor??

Are there certain beers that lend themselves well to FW hopping??

Are there certain varieties of hops that are preferred for FW hopping?

Are there drawbacks (like making the beer too bitter) ??

Tell me about your FW hopping experiences, good or bad.



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First wort hopping, as I understand it, means adding the bittering hops in the boil kettle when your running off the mash.


From what I've read, some people claim that it gives the beer a smoother bitterness.  Others aren't so sure.  I don't know anyone that's done a side to side comparison of the two, or tried brewing using FWH vs regular hopping.


Something of interest that I've read recently regarding hopping and boil time:  A 90 minute boil is used, where you start adding your bittering hops at 60 minutes.  The first 30 minutes of boil allows for hot break to form and precipitate out....meaning it's not in the wort to glom on your hops.


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Actually, first wort hopping is for flavor, but does add some bitterness.  I use it in well over half of the beers I make.  Anything that needs a prominent hop flavor wil benefit from it, but I especially like it for APA, AIPA, alts and pilsners.
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