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I found a recipe that was a 1 bbl (31 gal) batch size that I wanted to put into ProMash. So I clicked New Recipe, typed 31 in the batch size and wort size and clicked 'Lock Ingredients to Batch Size'.

I added the malts and hops at the 1 bbl quantity, then went tot he batch size and typed a 5.
The wort size changed to 12.9, the sg changed from 1.049 to 1.145, the ingredients scaled down to about 40% of what was there (should have been about 16.5%).
So I went back and typed a 31 in batch size to get it back to original. The wort size changed to 80.1, and the ingredients scaled up to about 2.6 times the original number - the sg stayed at 1.145.

So I retyped the original numbers and used the scroll arrows on batch size to scale it down, and everything worked fine.

It appears that there is an error in the logic that changes amounts when you don't use the scroll arrows.

Steve Jones
Johnson City, TN

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I cannot replicate that error here using a standard 1 bbl test recipe I have...Are you able to replicate the error consistently?

- Jeff

Beer Engineer

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I realize I'm digging up an old thread here but i quite regularly have the same issue.
If i scale a recipe and forget to use the scroll arrows on batch size and just key in an amount it can throw up some weird behavior similar to what is stated above and since there isn't any "undo" button if the recipe isn't saved it it's pretty much screwed.

I've been running Promash v1.8a for the last three years and i find it to be a great program but this issue really ticks me off.

Cheers Rob.

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