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I would like to see at least some of the windows resizeable. For example, I make copious notes in the Brewing session notes section. Currently the small text entry areas don't allow me to see all of my notes without scrolling up and down. If I could stretch the window it would be perfect.

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On the todo list although fixed note fields may still pose a problem. We're working on it...


- Jeff

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I'm new to this software but this is the first thing I noticed.  Unless I'm missing something, it is cumbersome typing notes.  The only way to really use notes is to type notes in another program, Notepad, etc. then copy and paste the notes to ProMash.  Is that what most people do?  Resize is not the answer.  When in the notes, a right click option or a hot key to bring up a separate notes editor would be the best way to do it. Your thoughts Jeff?  Do you read these forum messages?  (Since this is my first post here.)

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