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I use promash at home and at work. At home I have Vista and at Work I have XP.  Sending files from work to home is easy, however from home to work is an issue.  When I save files to the default directories in Vista I can not find them in file manager or when I search for an attchment in my e-mail  ie i go to the folder locations eg C:\Program Files\ProMash\recipes and it is empty.  When I load a file from Promash it is visable...  I thought this may be an issue with my folder settings, so I made all hidden and system files visable.  This did not fix the problem.  What i did find is that if a copy a file to the default folders eg C:\Program Files\ProMash\recipes  I can see it in my file manager or when I search for an attachment, however any files I save using Promash remain hidden.

What is the issue here and how can I fix it?

If anyone esle has Vista can they test this for me.  Save a new recipe file to C:\temp and try to find it, now save that file to C:\Program Files\ProMash\recipes  - can you see it?  try copying the file from c:\temp to C:\Program Files\ProMash\recipes can you see it now.

Cheers Cubbie.


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Anyone able to help here???? This is really frustrating.

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If you do a forum search for "Vista" you'll find a lot of helpfull posts....I think this one addresses your issue:

- Jeff

Beer Engineer
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