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I've been told by some that corny kegs don't need to be primed at all.. Others advocate a 1/4 cup priming sugar for a 5-gallon keg. Promash even calls for 3/4 of a cup for most 5-gallon batches.

I've done it both ways- the non-primed kegs seem to take longer to condition or become drinkable. There were times I thought the 3/4 cup was too much judging by the amount of foaming taking place.

I have some Pale Ale I'm kegging Tuesday. I'll likely experiemnt with 1/4 cup of priming sugar at that time.

So let's hear your thoughts on priming sugar in corny kegs..

Yeay or Nay??


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I would not reccomend this as you restart fermentation and get hard to clean growth in your long corni keg tube.  I used to ferment in cornis and ended up with hard to find contamination/phenolics.


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I dont claim to be an expert, or particularly experienced with kegging...but my brew supplier <Doug of Just Brew It in Fayetteville, GA> recommended that I do so.  Rather than natually carbonate the batch, my plan was to force carbonate.  I've done it several times now with nothing but positive results. 


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The terms "natural" and "force" are often misunderstood. CO2 is CO2 no mater what the source. And whether you use CO2 from a tank or let yeast and sugar in a sealed container carbonate your beer makes no difference.

As for using priming sugar in corny kegs... there really is no reason to unless you are dispensing by some means other than a tank of CO2.

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