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Recently purchased promash, looked back through the posts for info and I see that as far back as 04 someone was asking for this feature.  I pitch 2 yeasts for higher gravity beers.  No way to put this in the calculations and difficult to tag it in the notes without forgetting it's there next time.  Could we please have a method to include additional yeasts in the recipe and calculations? 


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It would also be nice to list alternate yeast
I like to include the Wyeast or white labs equivelent


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Would love this feature as well.  Currently playing with multiple strains, would love to be able to input both.

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I would love to see this feature as well.
As a work around I recently just made up a yeast called Multi Pitch and then add all the different Yeasts in the Extras. I did this because I ended up for getting to order a yeast for a brew. I was lucky enough to get the yeast in time for the brew but would like to see a better way to accomplish this.


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I too would love to see the ability to use multiple yeasts in the new version.
Also, I brew 10 gallon batches but split the batches into two 5 gallon batches, so I mash/boil 10, but ferment and package as 5 gallons. It would be cool to have a  way to deal with that!
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