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When taking mash PH readings 5.3 to5.6 is said to be best PH for mash. But no one seems to say if this reading is at mash temp of 150 or rm temp of 70. There would be .3 difference in PH  from 150 to 70 degrees. I normally cool sample to 70 degrees and take reading . If between 5.3 and 5.6  I say good enough. Is this the correct way to take readings or should I be compensating

for temp difference by deducting .3 PH  from my room temperature reading.


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I have read, I think by Daniels, that the best pH figure to use is at Mash temp. IMO, this is the environment that the enzymes are working in so should be the most "realistic".


But then again I am no expert.

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