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I have finished a brewing session and have finalized my inventory.

When I opened the grain database and checked 'Only Show Items In Stock', I found some entries with 0.00 Kgs In Stock. I would have expected them to have disappeared, because I have used exactly what was in stock...

I think that after using 'Lock Ingredients to Batch Size' or some other feature which causes ingredient calculations, Promash rounds the kgs to two digits for display, but in reality works with more digits.

You can reproduce it, because when you double click an ingredient entry, you can edit kilograms with 3 digits and even grams with two digits. Everywhere else you only see two digits. Enter 9,999 kgs, which will show up as 10.00 kgs. When you have 10.00 kgs in stock, after finalizing, you will have a stock of 0.001, which shows up as 0.00.

It is not really a bug, but it is confusing for a first time user. You can enter more precision that you see.

Maybe truncating the values to the set precision would solve this...

I have opened the inventory screen for these items and clicked 'Set to Zero' and then all is fine.


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Thinking on it, that's possible, especially as everything is actually stored in American Units the rounding error could concievably arise there as well (as it is converted back). I'll look into this more in detail tomorrow in the AM and get back to ya.....thanks for the report!

- Jeff

Beer Engineer
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