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I've run into an issue where promash is incorrectly deducting hop quantities from my inventory when using the finalize button.

I have multiple entries of the same type of hop in hops database -- the only difference between the entries in the Alpha Acid percentage and the quantity in ounces.

I formulated a recipe the other day where I used multiple versions of the same type of hops (EK Goldings) to try and get rid of some older, unused hops.

When I get buy these hops and they have an AA% different from what exists in the database, I simply clone one of the existing entries in the database and change the AA%.

When finalizing the session I worked up the other day, I noticed that promash was subtracting the inventory quantity for all the hops of the same type from a single hop entry with a specific AA%, rather than subtracting the inventory quantity based on both hop type and AA%...

Has anyone else expereinced this?  Is this a known issue, and if so, does it have a workaround (I guess I could clone the hop and name it <Hop Type -- AA%> if Promash works on the name alone in the inventory)...

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I should also note that I'm running on Vista64 on an account with Limited User access (the account does not have admin privs).

I like to keep my PC locked down for normal operations...

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I suspect that the problem you're having is indeed due to the hop name field.  When you clone an item, it does warn you about problems like this, and so whenever I do that, I always, always make sure to make the name different than the original, even if it is only a change something like "Hallertauer" --> "Hallertauer 55".

From a database point of view, I can see how this could be a "feature" the way it works now, and I can see how "fixing" it to use the alpha acid and other fields in its inventory finalization process can pose a problem if you have in the meantime adjusted something in the hop characteristics fields.

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