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Fellow brewers, I had a major tragedy today while brewing an IPA.  My lautering manifold came apart while I was stirring the mash (I made one of copper pipe sections and "T" connectors).  It has never done this in the past.

I quickly realized what had happened and there was no way out of this stuck sparge.  I tried everything but there was too much grain in the manifold.

Only thing I could do was carefully dump the entire mash into my empty sanitizing bucket, repair the manifold, then pour mash back into the tun (knowing the whole time I am screwed).

My question: I have never really had a batch suffer HSA.  I know the off-flavor from other beers/imports but has anyone had something similar happen?  Would this pour back and forth make it undrinkable?  I am fermenting now, figured what the hell.  If its that bad then I wont keg it.


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This is an update to my own question, as I have kegged this IPA and tried it.  It tastes great and no sign of significant off-flavor.  The off-flavor could be masked by the high IBU of the hops (57), so any of you that pull off my stunt with a clean flavored beer might have something but I cant tell a thing.

Brew on.

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I had the very same thing happen once, the hose that connects to the false bottom came off. Had to dump it into another container, and sparged again. After caring for the beer like an injured child, I'm happy to report it turned out quite good, not my best but still earned "honorable mention" at our local competition.
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