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I did a search, but could not find a similar topic, so I thought i should post it.

It would be useful in the Session section of ProMash to be able to edit a recipes hop selection for alternative hops that a person would have in their inventory. 

Use Case:
1:User creates a new Brew Session and loads a recipe from their library
2: User selects a hop in the recipe, selects edit.
3: In addition to the standard hop info, a user would have the option to search for an alternative hop based on what is in the users inventory and switch it out for the hop entered in the original recipe

With the limitation of hops and the likely situation that  recipe may call for a hop a person does not have or wishes to substitute, having the option to replace one hop for another with have to go thru the process of adding the new hop and then deleting the original hop would be useful.

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