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What do I enter for hops in the hop back as some IBU;s must be extracted
The hop back is a converted pressure cooker



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Technically no...hops from the hopback won't add any IBU's, although they may add 'percieved' bitterness. To get IBU's the alpha acids must be isomorized and that only occurs when boiled for a period of time.

- Jeff

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Thanks Jeff for the quick reply and point taken ....but

From my kettle through the hop back the hops are in contact with close to boiling wort for 20 to 30 minutes as I fill the fermentor..The wort is slowly cooling of coarse as the flame is out but if I take the temp of the wort at the end of transfer its still in the high 80's.

My converted pressure cooker holds a good gallon which is usually taken out of the pipe work the next day drained and strained into another vessel off the hop and boiled in another pressure cooker,quickly cooled and added to the fermenter .

The hop back has inlet ,outlet and by-pass valves so when closed after transfer  you can hear it suck when the valves are openend the next day.
Before the hop back is opened at the begining of transfer the by-pass has been on for steralization of the CFC and aerator so some temperature loss as I said not quite boiling


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