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It's surprising to me how vital Promash has come to my brewing. Not only is it a great tool to use on brewday, it also is a great tool to "sound out" recipes.

That said, I was wondering if you could create a DB here on your web site where folks could enter in ingredients. Perhaps give PM the ability to export these such that guys like me could grab up a reasonable assessment of Maris Otter, for example. Lot analyses can be difficult to obtain when you buy small amounts of batch specific grains, for example, twelve pounds of MO for an APA, etc. Finding complete information on the web is hard to do as well. That said, a collaboration of PM users would be a good thing.

Second request:

When you are adding ingredients, if you type the first letter, it takes you to that segment of the list -- for example a B takes you to the B's on the list. That's cool, but a lot of Windows apps now iterate the search such that if you type another letter quickly enough, you move in the B to the second letter. For example, Br would take you to Br. A third, even more iteration -- Bri would likely move into the Briess listing. As it is now, PM hops from B then the ingerdients starting with r then those with i.

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Regarding the DB on the website, that's a distinct possibility and something I will certainly consider.

As for the multi-letter list lookup that's also a possibility and on our todo list, although fairly low priority.


- Jeff

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I want to second the request for downloadable updates to the ingredients lists, specifically hops, grain, and yeast.  As pointed out specifics can vary but it's much easier to adjust the alpha for say the Sorachi Ace you have on hand than to enter and save the hop into the database.  Perhaps even setup a section of this website such that users can upload updates which then can be downloaded by all?

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