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Promash was working fine on this same laptop with XP.  Did a clean laptop wipe and fresh install of Vista Ultimate, then office, etc..., then Promash.  Promash runs ok for seemingly random periods of time (but could be a combination I haven't identified yet) but at some point if I try to close a promash window the app starts going into "Not Responding" and it doesn't exit gracefully.  Sometimes vista will ask me if I want to end the hung promash app and it lets me end task it.  Just tonight it hosed my whole vista session so bad I had to power cycle the computer because I couldn't even shut it down.  I have anti virus software that updates every day and I verified it was updated early this morning.  I get recipes created and saved and sessions created and saved just never know when it will hose, though it seems to be at the end of a task when closing windows mostly.  I don't seem to ever think I am losing files as I saw in other posts about vista.

Any ideas?  Thanks

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I've been running ProMash on Vista Basic for several months now.  I have noticed that there are several things 'different' with Vista, one of which is permissions.  Does the account that you both installed and use ProMash with have full administrative permissions?  Also, are you using the Aero interface?  Try switching that off to see if the situation improves.

Cheers and beers,
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