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The settings file needs to be able to be stored in a user definable location, just as with recipes, sessions etc.

My example would be I have a computer in the brewery and one in the house, I develop recipes etc inside the house and then brew outside, but it its difficult to make sure that all my settings are the same between the two computers, such as evaporation rate, water use defaults etc.

By saving the config file on my network drive with the recipes etc, both installations of Promash would be consistent.


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In the System Settings dialog there are "Save To File" and "Load to File" buttons. You can use these to Save and Load config files to/from any location, including network drives. Once you have 'Loaded' the config file from another location, just press "Save as Default" and your configuration is saved locally for future use.

Hope that helps,

- Jeff

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This was discussed in another thread, but maybe the easiest approach is to load everything ProMash related onto a flash drive and take it wherever you need to use it. Since ProMash doesn't write anything to the registry it's all self-contained.

You just need to make sure that that wherever you use it the computer assigns the same drive letter to the "removable storage". I've been doing this for a couple of years and it works great.

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