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When I want to clone an ingredient such as a type of hop, it works fine, and I can edit the parameters such as alpha acid, etc. The problems is when I add the cloned items to my inventory, they don't show up as being in my inventory when I click on the button to analyze inventory. I tried deleting the cloned entries and adding them back, setting the amount in inventory to zero, adding to it again, and saving it again, but that doesn't usually work.

I like to use the clone feature so I can just change the alpha acid or some other thing with a certain hop, or maybe make a small change of a particular malt, and not have to start over as a new ingredient, but it almost always causes problems. (Maybe I'm not using it right??)

Thanks for any help with this,

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Sorry for the lag time in response.....have had issues here the last few days.

Could you do this for me......Clone an entry as you normally would and save the database.  Send me the database (filename HOPS.DAT) to  and I'll have a look and see if I can determine what the problem might be.

- Jeff

Beer Engineer
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