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I'm entering in data for some brewing industry caramel colourings from Europe. The SRM numbers are substantial, so much so that they are 5 digits long. ProMash only allows me 4 digits. Is there a quick fix or must I go back to my old brewer's formulas?



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A 5 Digit SRM number is absurd. Even the darkest black grain is usually rated about 500 SRM.  There is a certain point when you pass "black" that it's just hard to get any blacker. 5 digits certainly takes it to that point. Are you sure those ratings are not EBC number ratings?

- Jeff

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I wonder if he's talking about Sinimar or a similar caramel-concentrated product.  Those might have Lovibond ratings up that high.  I've seen EBC for some of them in the tens of thousands.  That would be way up there in Lovibond as well.

As a workaround, if you honestly do have something of, say, 5000 Lovibond, then you could enter it in the database as 500 L, just so long as you keep in mind that you'll need to use only one-tenth as much of it in the beer as the calculated recipe states.

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