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I can't save added/edited hops, yeasts ect. in the databases.

The blue background turns white after the changes, and the buttons Save/OK gives no response.

Promash.exe is set to be compatible with Windows XP SP3.

Is this a known problem?
Anyone have a solution?



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Yeah same thing for me. I installed this on Windows 10 today (windows XP SP3 compatibilty and run as administrator)  and everything works great (so I thought).  Then changing anything such as inventory amount in any of the databases and the blue background turns white after the change and as you've stated the buttons Save/OK don't do anything.

I brewed with it though and was able to create a recipe and do a session.  I finalized the session and it did subtract the ingredients from inventory so the problem doesn't appear to be with the .dat files promash uses for tracking inventory, has to be some whacked out win10 incompatibility with how the main promash screen accesses the various Hops, Malt, Other, Yeast,  Databases and proceeds to edit\update them.

It's broke alright no saving any edits.  I'd love to hear anyone explain a workaround if they've found one.  currently I have to use my win 7 machine to enter any changes to inventory since that and the "save" feature work.  Windows 10 will not let me do this.


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