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I have heard some people say that they let their wort boil for 15 minutes to allow hot break to form and then they start their timer and their boil start time is from that point. Can you give me some feedback how promash is designed as far as the boil goes. My instinct is telling me that when you start to boil is when you set your timer.


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ProMash will handle this just fine and in fact I do 75 minute boils myself, usually adding hops at about 15 minutes in.


Just set the boil time to your desire (say 75 min) and ProMash will take care of the rest, there is really not to much to it with the exception of figuring the pre-boil amounts and amounts lost to evaporation (which is higher due to longer boil times). Because the times hops are in the boil are set independently (IE per each individual hop) IBU values are not an issue.




- Jeff



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