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I had my computer crash and I had to re downloan promash and I don't remember all my settings. I am a little confused on the wort size always equals batch size setting. If you brew allgrain do you de-activate this feature? If I de-activate then it asks me my wort size. Promash says that the wort size should never be more than your batch size. I brew 12 gallon batch sizes and I usually start out with around 14.25 gallons at the beginning of the boil. What should I enter for my wort size if I de-activate this feature?


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Hi Greg
That used to confuse me too. You should set this to wort size = batch size for the proess you describe. The setting is for people boiling short volume / high gravity on the stovetop and diluting afterwards. Promash understands that you'll boil down from say 14 to 12 gallons - the evaporation rate setting takes care of that.


David Edge
Signalbox Brewery, Derby, UK

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David is 100% correct. For full wort boils (IE not a concentrated boil that is diluted afterwards) the wort size should always be the same as the batch size.

- Jeff

Beer Engineer
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