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    I'd like to see a box for a batch number next to the recipe name or the date in the Brewing Session.
    Also a database for finished beer inventory with columns for batch number, style, name, bottled or kegged, date, how many bottles are left, location, maybe a drink by date. This would also be handy for purchased beers you want to hang on to for a while.  My wife and I have  beer and wine in a fridge, a cold room, and a relatively inaccessible crawl space, and only a vague idea of what and how much without looking. After making 610+ brews and over 100 wines between us, we lose track. It would be great if this inventory database could be divided into sections for beer, wine, mead, and cider. I'm not about to buy MS Office just to get Excel, but I haven't been able to find anything else suitable. This would be a great additional feature for ProMash, and, I imagine, not much trouble to do.

As ye brew, so shall ye drink.
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