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I get allot of clone recipes by %
it would be nice to plug in the percentages and the wort volume and get the
weight of each grain.

also would be good if you can select how units are displayed
my scale shows pounds and ounces, some do decimal pounds others grams
a system wide unit selection would be nice


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The % thing would be great. If you enter ingredients in % and an OG and it tells you pounds. Cool idea.

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Actually, you can already accomplish this without too much extra work.

(1) Set your batch size to 50 gallons and make sure that the "Lock Ingredients to Batch Size" box is NOT checked.

(2) Enter all your percents as pounds of grain. That is, if you want 70% pils malt, then enter 70 pounds. 15% Munich malt would add an additional 15 pounds. Once you've entered the full recipe, you'll have 100 total pounds of grain.

(3) The SG will be somewhere around 1.055, depending the the grains used. Adjust the batch size up or down in half-gallon or gallon increments to get the desired SG.

(4) Now, check the "Lock Ingredients to Batch Size" box, and set the batch size to the desired amount. The quantities of grain will adjust accordingly, but the percentages will remain the same.



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I too would like to see the % of extract feature.  I made and used a simple spreadsheet that did this for about 12 years, and all of my recipes were developed using % of extract.  The method listed above doesn't work the same.  It will give you percentage of total grain weight and lock that in, but it won't give you the recipe with each grain as a percentage of extract.  Maybe this doesn't matter all that much.  I made the spreadsheet using the Designing Great Beers method, and was so used to it that I just assumed that Pro Mash could do this when I bought it last year and was surprised to see that it didn't.  Pro Mash just gives you a % of the weight of the ingredient related to the other ingredients. Even adding sugar to the base grains, where your mash efficiency is different than the grains (ie 100%) it is still given as a percentage of the total weight.  That makes it hard to transfer a recipe from one brewhouse to another where efficiencies are different for the grain but not for the sugars.
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